The Beka: the journey of an atypical model


First created in 2015, the Beka illustrates the excellence of our craftsmen and the constant attention to detail that drives Caroline. A delicately hand-sewn handle, wooden feet and clasp form the basis of the unique identity of our signature bag.

Chronicle of a creation

Originally, the designer imagined a very elegant handle with visible stitchings. Sketched and designed by Caroline herself, it was created by our leather craftsmen in the heart of the Bergamo workshop. From this key element, the bag takes its shape: geometric, square, suggesting the "box" bag worn by photographers. Caroline composed the Beka without any metal parts. Favouring the link with nature, she wanted to highlight the combination of leather and wood in its simplest form. The wooden clasp gives it all its refinement, as do the four legs on which it rests delicately, like an art object: "I like the way it sits on its square wooden legs".She calls it Beka, for Rebecca, daughter of one of our craftsmen. The four-letter names of the models are always inspired by an encounter dear to Caroline.Rebecca also gave her name to the Beka's rectangular counterpart: the Reka. Offering an infinite number of combinations, these creations, imbued with sensitivity and personality, allow women to express their freedom. This model, for example, has been designed so that women can have fun collecting shoulder straps. The carabiners can also be adapted on request in gold or steel finish.

Unique craftsmanship

The wooden parts of our bags are made from the most precious species in the Philippines. These delicate finishes, Caroline de Marchi's signature elements, are the result of a unique know-how. For Caroline, it is fundamental to support a secular craft that is tending to disappear more than ever. The handle loops, the feet or the wooden clasp of our Beka bag form a perfect balance with the Italian leather, revealing the architecture of the model. The designer carefully selects her leathers for their delicate grain and quality. Initially made in smooth leather, the Beka is available in a range of skins with innovative finishes: from raw grained leathers to glazed and iridescent goatskins. The expert hands of our Italian craftsmen bring these unique materials to life, assembling them to create the dream model. The technical skills and mastery of our leatherworkers thus merge with Caroline's modern and unique vision to create a bag with an immediately recognisable design.

A contemporary bag that asserts its difference

Designed for everyday use, the original shape of the Beka, far from the classic rectangular city bag, stands out. Its generous proportions make it practical without being cumbersome. Geometric, the Beka plays with lines and structures. The verticality of the four legs and the tongue contrasts with the horizontality of the clasp and the handle. Caroline builds the model from the play of contrasts, one of her signatures. Stitching, edges, linings and juxtapositions of materials express her singularity. Slightly rounded edges soften its structured and symmetrical lines. A warm bag that defies norms, it can be carried by hand in a vintage spirit or with a shoulder strap, inspiring casualness and elegance. The Beka is one of Caroline's favourite bags, among those she carries the most: "I like it because it's not too big and you can put a lot of things in it at the same time. She regularly adopts it for its playful design and the way it can be worn: in the hand, on the shoulder, crossbody...placing it "slightly on the hip, behind" for a chic and nonchalant look.

Materials, colours and patterns, an inexhaustible source of inspiration

In smooth or grained leather, in suede calfskin... the Beka's variations are limited only by Caroline's imagination and her inexhaustible travel inspirations, fed by the encounters, cultures and landscapes that have crossed her path... The materials are renewed with each collection, merging or confronting each other as they are assembled. The designer is constantly looking for the right combination to make the Beka a unique object in tune with the times. She explores a rich palette of colours, from the softest to the most vibrant: shades of brown and camel, duck blue, burgundy, greige or yellow. In plain, sober, two-coloured or multi-coloured versions, the shoulder strap widens the field of possibilities by combining shades, patterns and lengths. The ultimate accessory that reveals our style, it can be adorned with ethnic or geometric designs in a mix and match spirit. On the contrary, we choose tone on tone to match our handbag. Always listening to her customers, whom she receives as friends in her cosy boutique on the rue des Saints-Pères, Caroline develops her designs in response to each encounter. Convinced that women must fully appropriate their bag, she accompanies them with a customisation service. Tailor-made orders exploring all the dimensions of the models, from jewellery to be composed, to bandoliers to be collected. Express your uniqueness by engraving your initials, a symbol or a personal message.

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