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Above all, I’m creating for women: showing the world their personality and their beauty, and giving them confidence.

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Summer Collection

In Smooth Water

"La Plage du Diamant" in Martinique is the setting of our new collection of shoulder straps, to be associated with Caroline De Marchi's timeless designs.Vivid colors and geometric patterns, inspired by Op Art, illuminate the pure lines of our signature models.

Mix and Match

Summer In The City

Combine the timeless Beka, Reka and Cubo with our collection of shoulder straps handcrafted in our italian workshops.


On The Bright Side

When Summer rhymes with simplicity, colors are key!Celebrate the new season with our feel good selection: white leathers with colorful details, vibrant embroidered fabrics and sunny accessories.Find your favorite one!

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New collection

Spring-Summer 2021

Living Color

Every woman can find the piece that best represents who she is. Her bag is part of her, with her essentials on the inside and her personality reflected on the outside.

Caroline De Marchi

Craftsmanship Driven by Imagination - our straps


Beaded by crafted artisans in Austral Africa, the DJAE straps emphasizes Caroline’s passion for shared creativity, making it a signature item to our accessories collection.


Caroline De Marchi For Dogs

Faithful to her sense of detail & her style in materials, Caroline De Marchi offers a range of leashes & collars for dogs to suit the materials & colours of the collections. Have fun collecting & mixing them according to your desires!

A tribute to Nature


Africa & its lands are at the root of this first collaboration -limited and signed- between Caroline De Marchi and a visual artist. Designed around a wild print and luxurious materials in warm colors, the “Qaha-té” capsule collection was created alongside wildlife painter-sculptor Aurélien Raynaud.A tribute to wild, unspoiled nature, the capsule collection leaves aside typical leatherware for another option altogether. This line is a manifest, an ode to a country’s fauna and flora, that has remained untouched and pure, untamed and unbroken. It speaks to us of our connection – too often forgotten – to Earth.

Travel and Escape

The House

Caroline is a free-spirited and committed woman, in tune with the pulse of world. Her accessory collections call out to us with their individuality and aesthetic sensibilities. Her bags are also made to last, handed down from mother to daughter, from one generation to the next.

A know-how of excellence

Creations Born of Instinct and Full of Surprises

A bold, self-made autodidact, Caroline De Marchi is a true creator, in tune with her desires and her keen instinct. Bags are her favorite pieces, and she approaches them like a true artist, seeking out new forms and unexpected combinations.

Our Scented Candle


Recapture the refined fragrance of our Parisian address rue Saint-Honoré.

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