Mother’s Day : Meeting Eleonora Galasso

A young mother with a joyful and multifaceted personality, Eleonora Galasso brings with her to Paris the Italian lifestyle and happiness. Author of several books, including “À la romaine : Cuisine de la Dolce Vita”, or her latest "Ma grossesse plaisir", Eleonora is also a speaker and a maternity and motivation coach. She organises masterclasses, tailor-made client services and teambuilding based on energy, self-confidence and Italian happiness. Passionate about the art of living and the art of the table, she is also the creator of the podcast "Passer à table" in which she interviews inspiring personalities.

Already the mother of a first child, Eleonora shares with us the anecdotes of her second pregnancy and her relationship with motherhood, particularly through fashion, especially the Bag.

# Inspiration

Do you have an anecdote to tell us from your pregnancy?
"During my first pregnancy, it was a confinement, I particularly remember one month in March 2020 when all of a sudden human relationships became completely filtered and inaccessible. It was also the moment when my creativity pushed me to think about the book that was published in May 2021: "Ma grossesse plaisir" (My Pregnancy Pleasure) published by Flammarion. My publisher had the funds completely frozen for months and months which forced me to believe in this project even though there was no certainty that it would happen. That's how my house turned into a publishing and production house. I found an exceptional photographer, Valérie Lhomme, who agreed to follow me on my gourmet adventures. We photographed 100 dishes as well as my growing belly: my dream project was born!”

# Sharing

What is the most beautiful thing you would like to pass on to your child?
"Roots and Wings!"

# Style

Has becoming a mother changed your relationship with fashion? What is your style as a pregnant woman? Is it different from your usual style?
"I have a very special relationship with my body when I am pregnant. I really feel that it is not mine and belongs to this being who is being built. My wardrobe is simple with neutral lines and for eclecticism I rely mainly on accessories.”

# Italy

What does Caroline De Marchi inspire you? How does the brand speak to you as an Italian woman?
"From shoulder bags to clutches and travel bags, Caroline's world fascinates me for its exquisitely Parisian casual chic with of course the Italian touch in her production which can only ensure a great quality of material!"

# How to wear

How do you usually carry your bag?
"I like the practicality and the idea of always being able to access my small everyday items. That's why for a long time now, especially when I'm cycling to appointments, I've been carrying my bag crossways. For evening occasions, I prefer to carry it by hand."

# Mindset

Will the arrival of your child bring a change in style?
"Yes, this is the time when I will take on my dimension as a fully accomplished mother. That's why I intend to give away most of my youthful dresses and invent a new style to match this new chapter in my life."

# Perfect Bag

Pregnant, what is your favourite bag?
"Always having the sight of my big belly in front of my eyes, the BEKA, being small in size, gives me relief and reassurance."

# Wishlist

Will you change your bag after the birth? Which bag from the collection would you like?
"After the birth I will hide all my new mommy tools in a wonderful CUBO.”

# What's in your bag

Your mum-to-be essentials, always in your bag...
"My lipstick, little ballerinas so I can walk around a lot, hand cream that needs to be protected with SPF 50 in winter as well as in summer, a notebook and a pen to write down the beautiful things of the day. Infused water for me and my first, who is 21 months old, to stay hydrated during our long walks on the bridges of Paris.”

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