Father's Day : Meeting François Vincentelli, Father and Actor

From Corsica and born in Brussels, Belgium, François Vincentelli moved to Paris at the age of 23 after his studies at INSAS.

In 2001, he became the father of twins, Lucie and Ange, and twenty years later, of Collette, born from his union with Alice Dufour on 28 December 2021.

« I am a happy and fulfilled father. »

# Inspiration

Where do you find your inspiration ?
« Jean-Pierre Marielle, whom I loved very much, used to say that he was a straggler and I like to think that I am one too, an observant straggler ! »

# Sharing

What kind of dad are you ?
« I don't know if I'm a good father but I do what I can to be one with my flaws and faults. »

# Style

How would you describe your style ?
« I dream of double-breasted suits and borsalinos but I often find myself in jeans and a t-shirt... »

# Belgium

Like Caroline, you were born in Belgium, what elements in particular remind you of your roots?
« Belgium taught me two essential things in life: humour and surrealism. »

# How to wear

How do you like to wear your bag ? How would you describe the perfect bag ?
« I like bags, or rather luggage in general, because they are a symptom of travel, movement and adventure, I travel light and carry my bag on my arm ! »

# What's in your bag

An object that never leaves your side ?
« I don't get attached to objects and I don't have any fetish objects, grigri or jewelry. I leave objects as much as they leave me ! »

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