Côte d'azur de légende

As a teen, Caroline spends her summers at her parents' house in Beaulieu. At a young age, she experiences the last of the Cote d'Azur seasons - here she is at 'Le Pirate', a legendary Cap-Martin establishment.

Caroline will remain forever dazzled by this now bygone era...

Les voyages

Egypt sparks Caroline's eye for colors and blends.
In Brazil, nature's beats bring new vitality to her sense of creation.
Exchanges with Balinese artisans naturally bolster her choice of vocation.

Inner journeys: at the Marmottan Monet museum, each and every visit illuminates Caroline's days. At the famous flea market in Saint Ouen, bargain-hunting for antiques and their stories… An ideal source of inspiration!

Le bonheur chez soi

In the calm quiet of Normandy, the emotions from her travels take time to settle…

And the blank pages come to life...

Sharing, happiness, family

Un monde enchanté

Twenty years ago, at the heart of the Santa Croce Tanneries near Florence, her eyes were opened to the world of leatherwork.

Caroline's artisanal work is produced in a factory on family property situated on the outskirts of the valleys of Lombardy. Her artisans' ancestral techniques are passed down from one generation to the next.

The mutual understanding forged between the creator's talent and the artisan's intuition produces a vibrant, incomparable piece.

Passion for detail, harmony, and a human warmth give this small "village" its own little light.