How To Maintain Your Leather Goods


How To Maintain Your Leather Goods

Delicate skins


Leather is a living material The imperfections that might occur on the surface form its own character and identity. Just like any skin, it is sensitive to changes in its . environment like humidity for example. Leather requires soft, regular and adapted care to keep its perfect condition.

Our leathers are naturally dyed without any chemical protection, which requires care in order to preserve the beauty of the finishing. Gently clean your skins to avoid polishing or scratching them. Store them in a rather fresh and dry place, protected from direct sunrays.



How to give your leather goods  a makeover?


If the leather is simply dusty or contains impurities, we advise you to use a soft brush or a slightly damp and soapy cloth.

You may clean them thoroughly with adapted protective waxes. Using inadequate products such as moisturizing lotions and oils is not recommended.

If your leather is wet, let it air dry. Rubbing or drying it at very high temperature could cause the leather to dry out or its finishing to alter


Our Italian craftsmen have treated every skin of Caroline De Marchi’s creations with the utmost care.
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