Summer in Hydra


Summer in Hydra

An impression of an escape spirit that defines her creations, the latest collection by Caroline De Marchi combines Greek craftsmanship with pure and timeless forms, expressing both urban and contemporary elegance. Her bags and accessories are made for action, following nomadic women curious from other horizons, appropriating different cultures and customs while keeping their Parisian look. With its contrasting textures, bright colors and expert combinations of fabrics and leathers, the collection evokes the serene beauty of ancient Greece, synonymous with plenitude and femininity. Caroline De Marchi responds more than ever to the needs of an original and inspired woman, who treats the bag as an extension of herself, the faithful expression of her own personality.

This season, the designer chooses the flax that she works surprisingly and unexpectedly, combining it with lurex to give it sparkle. The materials are soft and pleasant to touch, emphasizing the casual and refined look of the collection. The "Cubo", iconic model of the brand, is combined with new materials, making it strong and atypical.

New in the range, the "Babi" is a bucket bag whose simplicity highlights a braided shoulder strap, made by Greek craftsmen. Combining havana brown and saffron yellow with black, the "Babi" evokes the ancestral forms of some Greek pottery, merging the spontaneous gesture of the potter with the precious "Made in Italy".

Reinterpreting the beach bag to give it a new breath, Caroline offers two new models mixing comfort and fantasy, the "Deva City" and the "Deva Beach". Defined by their generous proportions, these two ultra-soft bags are offered in cotton and linen, decorated with braided ribbons braid and contrast calf. The colors of the "Deva" are ivory, saffron yellow, tan brown and black, reminiscent of the natural pigments of earth and ocher. The "Jaïpur" dog collars and their matching leashes in leather are proposed in the same declination of the season tones, giving a crazy chic to our faithful canine friends.

In this more destructured part of the collection, the "Kali" also stands out as a safe bet, offered in grained calfskin. Treated in two-tone mode, the "Joy" is playful and eclectic with its precious wooden clasp. Lemon yellow and Indian pink blend with black and havana brown to create graphic rhythms, while black calf pairs with python. Precious and refined, it is found on the “Beka”, whose architectural form puts this delicate skin in value.

This season, the "Cubo" comes in several sizes and finishes, multiplying the contrasts and marriages of fabrics. The metallic linen is the strong accent of the season, bringing charm and sensuality to this first form imagined by the designer.

The small leather goods also asserts itself in the collection, ranging from envelopes "Post" and mini-pockets "Vip" multicolored fringed keychains "Gift".