Since its creation, travel has been at the heart of Caroline De Marchi's DNA. An inexhaustible source of inspiration, it feeds Caroline's journey, always in search of the most beautiful materials and colours, guided by her passion for craftsmanship and a deep desire for authenticity. This season, the collection follows the Silk Road. At the crossroads, from Europe to Asia, each of the creations makes us feel the richness of an itinerary where cultures merge, symbol of freedom and escape.
The Collection

On the Silk Road: Journey to the East & Out of Time

More than just a destination, for Caroline, the journey evokes above all the path travelled. Like the caravans following the Silk Road, the Kârvânsarâ collection invites us to take time, to cultivate the moment to discover each place and to soak up its magic. Far from the hectic pace of the cities, a suspended time, a halt, which leads us to live in the present moment, to fully feel each emotion. A dreamlike journey whose only direction is that of exploration and the unusual. The Caroline De Marchi bag is a reflection of this emancipation. A timeless luxury bag, an "outsider" in the air of time, a bag for the here and the elsewhere, the present and the future. It is our travel companion, a witness to all the memories gleaned on the road. True to this spirit, Caroline was inspired by an old camera box to design the shape of the Beka women's bag. Nomadic, the bag is like an extension of our body: we carry it casually, in our hand, on our hip or across our body. Light and practical, it adapts to our gestures and the rhythm of our walk, a wandering spirit that frees itself from diktats to follow its unique instinct.

Winds of freedom and modernity

Caroline conceives the handbag as an object of differentiation, for all women, of every generation. A resolutely modern vision that gives full rein to freedom.The freedom to express oneself, first of all: the bag is a manifesto, the expression of the intimate language of our style, a statement of self. The freedom to dare, too: to superimpose bags and accessories, to play with variations in size and wear. The mini bag represents a new, playful vision of the women's bag. Caroline imagines her models as she likes to hunt: building a collection of selected mini clutches, varying uses and styles (day bag, evening clutch...). The bag can be worn around the waist as a belt like the Reka, in the hand like the Cubo, on the shoulder... The designer invites us to rethink our way of living with the bag, to make it our own, by offering ever more atypical ways of carrying it, to adapt to our constantly reinvented lives. The Karl, revisited in a new tricolour version, is thus adorned with a wider shoulder strap that allows us to wear it crossbody or backpack-style, on the back of the shoulder. The Reka, a modular mini-bag, becomes an ultra-fashionable fanny pack when the belt is worn across the chest.

Create differently

From the outset, Caroline has loved combining materials and bold prints. The zebra print, a favourite motif that expresses her taste for the unusual and unexpected, reinvents the Alma ball bag and our iconic Cubo bag in a bold version that gives them a festive look. An ideal end-of-year collection for a poetic holiday wardrobe. The metallic sheen of our bronze grained leather adorns the Kali Kaan tote bag and the Elie satchels. The light of a golden leather illuminates the depth of our elegant black nappa calf leather for the Cubo and Elie.By combining singularity and durability, Caroline expresses a new approach to fashion and leather goods. Because women often asked for a generously proportioned bag to take their lives with them, Caroline created a new edition of the Reka Medio, available in smooth black, red or green leather. For those who like to travel light, the designer has also revisited the Reka in mini size, a small accessory to take everywhere. Offering sustainable and responsible fashion at a fair price, Caroline focuses on noble materials. This approach is also reflected in a thoughtful production rhythm, "slow fashion", far from the often frenetic rhythms of fashion. All our collections are developed in limited editions, produced in small quantities, down to the single piece. Like the Alma, available this year in two sizes and two versions, the bag is a precious object, consciously made to last a lifetime and accompany us over the long term.

The map of the world is drawn by travelers and nomads. Built into it are steps, nights and days, stations and encounters.

Jasna Horvat

Each model awakens the senses, echoing the emotions perceived day after day...

First of all, through the eyes: our winter bags reveal a luminous, flamboyant and colourful palette, a tribute to the sumptuousness of Ottoman fabrics and carpets as well as oriental tapestries. Intense orange, violet, deep red respond to shades of gold and bronze, colours inspired by rare essences, emanations of a distant Byzantium: coffee leather evoking prized spices, cypress green, bewitching perfumes that invade the space in a second... Like a reminiscence of these impressions seized in the moment, Caroline composes and assembles instinctively, creating unexpected contrasts. Every detail, down to the most delicate finishes, edges and stitching, resonates with the sobriety of the lines and designs to sublimate them. The ethnic shoulder strap of the Elie Epire in bronze grained leather is adorned with metallic loops, while those of the Beka come in flaming red. The marriage of colours and the play of multiple details give the bag a singular, almost bewitching charm, recalling the mysterious aura of ancestral Middle Eastern cultures.

The handbag becomes the prism of a deep sensuality. It invites touch, present at every stage, from Caroline's gesture of selecting the skins, to that of the craftsman patiently shaping each piece, to the hands of those who will explore and appropriate this new autumn-winter collection. Caroline favours soft textures such as the foal-like calf leather of the Cubo zebra print bags, or the smooth leather of the Reka. Wood, a material both raw and precious, punctuates this delicate harmony. It evokes Brazil, but also Africa, inspiring the masks of our Kali models. Asia, Turkey, France, Italy... destinations intermingle and permeate the collection.

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