A Dreamer's Pond in Autumn
Autumn pond-side whispers,
Cast their colors like a dream,
Upon the scenic waters,
Of the spellbound landscape's charm,
Enthralled the leaves are magical,
Enchanted is the stream,
With painted spiraling cloud cast,
As the trees dance arm in arm.
What a sight it is to see,
The visions nature loves,
The light play of the colors,
And the lightness of the heart,
For who will dance beside the bench,
And soar beyond the sky,
The light will leave their ecstasy,
Inside this work of art.

Pamela Storch
The Collection

“Just as a painter needs light in order to put the finishing touches to his picture, so I need an inner light, which I feel I never have enough of in the autumn.”

Leo Tolstoy

The Collection,
a Manifesto

Driven by her intuition, inspired and convinced by the idea that a woman is more than a logo, Caroline De Marchi stands for a lifestyle which is all about elegance and refinement.To work with high quality leathers and fabrics, to imagine the perfect « partner » - bag to live and travel with, taking time to carefully define each detail, expect the best craftmanship and finest finishes, Caroline makes it a point to maintain a highly qualified workshop, supporting the arts and crafts she always greatly admired.

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