BABI MINI Qaha-te Erongo White

Created alongside wildlife painter-sculptor Aurélien Raynaud, the “Qaha-té” capsule collection, using materials other than leather, leaves aside typical leatherware for another option altogether.
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“I’ve always admired Aurélien’s work, and I couldn’t see myself exploring the theme of Africa without him.” She gave the wildlife artist carte blanche, and this freedom led to the birth of a design: a cheetah, serene yet powerful. Stitched in cotton by embroiderers in Italy, the animal bows its head, inviting your touch. “We wanted to evoke the feline’s strength while also infusing it with a natural softness, a desire to immerse yourself in the fabric and be immersed in its topography.”

Erongo White & Ebony alternative leather with multicolored embroidered cheetah drawing.
Erongo White alternative leather pouch.
Erongo White stitchings & Ebony edges.
Ebony alternative leather lining.
Ebony alternative leather strap.

Limited edition signed by the artist, Aurélien Raynaud.

S: 30 x 26 x 14 cm
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Spring/Summer 2020
Shoulder bags