Remember the ancestral know-how of the tireless hands with their everlasting energies. Women from the nearby villages wearing braids mimicking fishermen’s net. We are loosing ourselves between the sea’s numerous shades of blue to the soil’s and the sand’s ochres – vibrant colors everywhere. Pure and refined tunics reflect the golden lights of the sails and canvasses. This country is brimming with Passion like Me Merkoúri or La Callas!.

Bali Black calf leather | Vali Ivory in cotton

Beka Havana in calf leather | Vali Havana in cotton

Joy Orchid in calf leather | Beka in Whip snakeskin

Cubo Havana in calf leather | Cubo Tangerine in linen

Joy Lemon in calf leather | Deva Beach Havana in cotton and calf leather

Deva City Ivory in cotton | Cubo Ivory in calf leather

Cubo Silver metallic in Linen | Cubo Multicolore in raffia